Contingencies [B] (Superhero Black Hole, part 71)

“What did you do, dude?”

I took a moment to make sure I had the story right, then took a breath, before speaking again.

“Remember how I told you I got the case back from the woman who took a vow of silence?”


“I didn’t do it. She still has that case. And the case that we had in the trunk is still in the trunk in the Future.”

“So, you have two cases. Does the woman have the real one?”

“Nope. Neither of us does. The real case is elsewhere.”


“Four days ago, I bought 18 identical versions of the actual case from the internet.”

“How much did that set you back in your share of our winnings?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“That bad?”

Yes. But anyway: 18 new cases, plus the other extra case that Me #3 gave to me so long ago, in case I should need a diversion one day. That’s the case I gave to that woman. The other 18 cases I alternated between the trunk of our car, and 17 other places that these fuckers can scope out.”

“Right. Now that that’s clear…where’s the real case?”

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