Keep On Walking (Superhero Black Hole, part 75)

We were now out of the misty field, and walking along the side of the road, away from the Future site of our heavy metal ambush.
The wind was picking up a bit, and this made our rain-drenched clothes become even colder.
Zoe was not happy with this.

“If this were a film, you would have a motherfucking coat to be chivalrous with and give to me so I wouldn’t be so freakin’ cold!”

“Well, this ain’t a film, m’dear,” I said. “And furthermore, I am the least chivalrous person on the planet. Like hell I’d give you my coat…if I had one, that is.”

“Charming, dude. Real charming.”

She sighed heavily.

“Fine. Be back in a second.”

Suddenly, she disappeared.

I stopped where I was, staring at thin air.

“This is just peachy,” I said to no one.

And then, she was back. Just like that, she was back where she stood a few moments before.

She was wearing a coat.

“OK, let’s carry on,” she said flippantly.

“Hey, hold on! Where’d you get that coat from?!”

“I went back to my apartment in ’01.”


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