Time AND Space (Superhero Black Hole, part 77)

For a good mile and a half, Zoe mercilessly derided me for my stupidity. I tried to say that in my (technically) very very very old age, my mind was starting to slowly fade away, but she wasn’t buying it. (And also, it wasn’t true. But you probably guessed that, anyway.)

“Why didn’t you remind me earlier, then?”

“‘Cause I thought you knew, numbnuts! I thought you kept taking us back in time via a single geographical space for a reason! But now I know – you’re senile, and I have more powers than you.”

Her self-satisfaction came off of her in ginormous waves.

“Yeah? Well…maybe so! But I’m technically older, and experience trumps everything else, so there!”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” she said, luxuriating in her sarcasm. “But I doubt the guys that make Top Trumps cards will see it that way…”

“OK, enough, I surrender! Can we then please get to somewhere warmer than here, seeing as you can grant us that option?”

“As you wish.”

She held out her bent arm for me to link with, and then she did her thing…

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