Multiples (Superhero Black Hole, part 80)

…and we waited…

…and finally, the front door of the apartment block opened.

But – as is the way of Life – it was someone else.

Me and Zoe loudly groaned in frustration simultaneously.

She picked up her coffee cup and swore into it, before taking a stroppy gulp.

(By the way, I forgot to mention: we were in disguise. I had on some sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a beige jacket (i.e. stuff completely not of my fashion world), whilst Zoe had on a brunette wig and a wool jumper (i.e. stuff completely not of her fashion world). This was so Other Us would (hopefully) not recognise us as they left the apartment block to go down the street to the car that had been parked for us so we could leave for L.A.)

“You know, I’m sure we leave our place soon,” I said.

“I trust nothing you say, dude. You’ve got advanced Schmuck-zeimer’s.”

I glared at her. “You are just a fountain of ever-flowing sarcasmigorical wit, aren’t you?”

“You know it, dude.”

That’s when Other Us started walking towards (Actual) Us…

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