Book Now for Savings!: The Truth

“Ew! That’s so gross!” Mindy looked at her yogurt as if it were the culprit, stabbed her spoon inside, and pushed it away from her across the table.

“What do you mean? That’s the complete opposite; everything’s CLEAN!” Sophia looked over both her laptop and the rims of her glasses in complete condescension.

“What if they missed a spot?”

“They wouldn’t miss a spot and reopen for the public. There, the Hampton Inn, Suite 504 is now.. booked!” Soph hit ‘Enter’ with satisfaction. “And it was a steal, no one else wants it.”

“Yeah, because it’s cursed!” Mindy picked up an apple, still hungry, but avoiding squishy foods. She thought about it and put it back. “What if he comes back?”


“The serial killer! The guy who killed someone in Room 504.”

“He’s in prison, geez Mindy, I do my research!”

“What if there’s a copycat killer??”

“Stop. The room is fresh, disinfected, probably a new bed, and no killers.” Soph stood.

“How do you think I got this apartment for so little?”

Mindy screamed.

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