Failure to Communicate

Stopping in the hallway, Joe took a minute to straighten his halo and take a deep breath. Letting it out, he walked into God’s outer office. “Good morning,” he said to God’s secretary, Esther.

Esther smiled. “Good morning.”

“I have the monthly prayer report. Is He in?”

“He’s always in, but now is not a good time.”


“In the past year He’s sent countless hurricanes, earthquakes and blizzards, but people still haven’t gotten His message. He’s debating whether He should unleash locusts.”

“Oh.” Joe frowned for a moment. “You know, just before I died they had just come out with cell phones. From what I understand, just about everyone has one now. Why doesn’t God just call everyone and get His message out that way?”

Esther shot up from her chair and slapped Joe. “How dare you question the Lord’s methods of communication. Leave this office, now.”

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