Whispers in the Dark.

The sensation of being pulled from reality was unnerving. He couldn’t help how scared he was.
The brown paper sack lay next to his hand, ready to be used. He tried to breathe, the oxygen failing to reach his lungs. Panic shook his limbs as he snatched the bag up in his fist. He put the opening up to his mouth. Inhale, exhale, oxygen.
His nerves were shot, but he caught his breath. His mother’s arms wrapped around his shoulders.
“It’s okay sweetie. Here, lay down and relax. I’ll get a blanket for you.” His mother whispered.
He released his grip, and laid down on the floor. The smooth surface of wood cooled his sweat trickled skin.
Above him were stars. He remembered the afternoon they spent taping the individual suns. The light was off, and they glowed.
Warmth surrounded him. “Why did you have to leave?” He cried.
“I’m talking to you right now, aren’t I?”
“If I say yes, I’ll be labeled insane. I wish you were here though.”
“I’m sorry sweetie.” With that, the ambiance changed and disappeared like a phantom.

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