Imprint [poem]

I came home last night with your scent still lingering on my skin
And the imprint of your touch like a flame
Glowing warm within my heart.
It does not make sense that I did not know you a week ago,
A year ago, or even a lifetime ago —
You feel that familiar to me.
But it’s your newness, ironically, that I crave:
The indescribable softness of your hands,
The sweetness of your lips upon mine,
Our breaths sharing the same space, mingling into one.

Now I wait here with the memory of our first kiss
Keeping me warm until I see you again.
I long to look into your eyes and see myself reflected there,
Hear your voice and respond in turn.
The truth is that you have consumed me whole —
I cannot take a step without wondering where you are right now,
And whether you are thinking of me, too.
I’m smiling again for the first time in a long time,
And the world is full of new and vivid colors,
Everything washed clean as if born anew.

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