Alls fair.

He holds my hand, I have an “itch.”

He hugs with both arms, I hug with one.

He leans in for a kiss, I peck him on the cheek.

He tries to send me texts, but I never respond.

He makes reservations, I say I have prior plans.

He buys me flowers, but I let them rot within a week.

He buys me candy, I give it to a friend.

He still loves me, I still love him not.

He tells me to go away, but I follow.

He replies with one worded responses, but I keep sending.

He tells me I’m annoying, but I think he’s bluffing.

He laughs at my clothes, but I think it’s a compliment.

He says he’s not my type, I deny it.

He loves me not, but I still love him.

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