But you're evading nonetheless

She awoke to dry tears and disappointment. With a reluctant, trembling breath, she choked on words she could almost say.

She could hear him now, hear it all over again. He was right; she had given up. But she’d made too many mistakes and couldn’t brave her life anymore. She sat up on her bed, holding her head in her hand.

You can say anything to me. His pleading words, as her drowsy mind grappled for them, began to grow in her lungs. They rose in her chest and into her throat, catching and turning to a sob.

“I can’t do it anymore,” she whispered, shaking her head and closing teary eyes.

Won’t you open up your eyes? he asked gently. She bit her lip, afraid.Through your window you’ll see the sun is shining bright. Slowly, she crawled to the window above her bed. She peeked through the blinds.

Sunlight hit her as the darkness of the room shied away. She wondered the last time she’d seen the sun. When had it risen? Or had she been so blind to even the brightest thing?

And I promise there’s a way.

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