A Writer's Tale

There’s All These People Out There
They Just Can’t Help But Stop And Stare
And You Think Perhaps They’re Frightened Of You

Little Did You Realize
As They Continue With Their Busy Lives
That They Wish That They Could Be Just Like You

As You Sit There And You Write Carefree
Laughing And Smiling With Poetic Glee
All Those People Wish It Was That Easy For Them

And Little Do They Realize
It Would Be To Their Great Surprise
Its Not As Easy As You Make It Look

You Look Down And Continue
To Unleash The Writer In You
While Others Stare At Your Pages In Awe

And You Laugh And Smile At Them
All It Takes Is Inspiration
And You Hand Them A Writing Utensil

So They Take The Notebook Paper
And Say They’ll Use It Later
And So Another Writer’s Life Begins

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