Religious Rant

Find true joy!?
More like escape.
Try to fit inside
A shape…
You’ve never tried,
Never died,
Never thought through
Never cut;
Down in a rut
When every door
Is firmly shut.
Or drank too much,
Drank just to drink.
Just to end
The way you think!
To swim in blood,
To drown in pain.
(Gasping, gulping
In the rain.)

Sun too bright.
It’s hard to fight
This blinding, cold
Electric light.
You’ve never needed
To be free.
What right have you
To lecture me?
And say a shadow
Can give joy?
You’re barely even
Not a boy!
And when have you
Stood in the storm?
(A shapeless form)
The darkest hour
Before the dawn
Is when you sleep,
Is when I keep
My secrets
Locked up in the deep!

And while you dream
I scream
I bleed
With anger desperate
To be free.

So stand up there
And preach true joy!
I’ll watch you speak,
Watch you destroy
Old defences
With your ploy.
Tonight you’ll smile
And sleep awhile
With me stuck here


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