If I could pinpoint the exact moment that I was certain of you I would do so in the most beautifully thought out manner. Every word and gesture thought out to the last second. If I could explain to you the depth of my feelings, I would do so in reverence to the tidal wave of emotions that you have created within me.

There are different types of love in this world, and although I cannot say that I have fallen in love with you I have come to realize that a type of love for you has been developed.

There`s parental love, new love,friendly love, love out of respect, selfish love, in love, selfless love and every single one of these loves are so vastly different that I cannot commence to describe to you the love that I experience for you.

It would be equal to comparing an illusion to reality, two complete polar opposites that it would only leave you confused as to what I mean. The only thing that I can be certain of is the happiness that you have created within my heart and for that I will always be grateful.

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