Temporal Asphalt (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 98)

“She must be using the In-Between to be doing all of this damage,” I hazarded.

Al nodded, wordlessly grabbing a piece of paper and scribbling down an equation on it. I examined what he had written.

ع = GM₀(t₂ – t₁)((14ظ + ⁶(2 + ن) + ق7(غ – ش)c/ص)كd²t³)

“Wha…” I stammered.

“We ran out of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew letters to use as variables,” he explained, “so we’ve resorted to using Arabic. This is the temporal permittivity of free space—it sets an upper limit on the time-glide permitted through a given temporal index, relative to a given dominant gravitational source. Normally, when a time traveler jumps through time, the future ceases to exist from their standpoint. The In-Between is an artificial pocket universe and, as you well know, can be utilized to get around this.”

“Did Lettie set it up?” Zoe wondered.

“Yes,” Al replied. “Time travel runs by an instinctual reflex throughout multidimensional space; it is for this reason that it is trivial to access the In-Between.”

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