Meet Me At The Parlor.

“You know what today is?”
“Of course I do, Trey! Hey! How about you and I just spend today together, what do you think?”
“Of course, I’ll meet you at the usual!”

Trey was my best friend, the best I could hope for.
Almost everyday since elementary was spent together. Approximately 144 months, 626.129484 weeks, and 4,382.90639 days.

First grade was the first time I ever shared a cupcake, but he blatantly told me to share. In middle school, he was his own superhero, he defended the weak. Many times I saved him from detentions. Then in high school we went to prom together, and walked together at graduation. Ice cream was our weekend tradition, no matter what, ever since first grade.

I met him at the old parlor, it was still standing.
“I got you cookie dough,” He smiled.
“Thank you, dear! Why don’t I buy you some mint chocolate and we can head out!”
“What do you have planned?”
“Hey, it’s a surprise, can’t spoil plans for a 12 year anniversary!”
“I love you,” He gave me a hard squeeze.
“I love you too, Trey.”

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