an old man alone in a room with his fears

I am going to die…

Words that everyone must confront sooner or later in their lives, for a wide spectrum of reasons.

A passing thought.

That’s my reason – a passing thought. Out of the ether, into the blue. No rhyme or reason for it.

The thought is there.
The thought is engrained.

There’s no escaping it.

It’s the essence of Life.
Death goes hand-in-hand with it.
The two are entwined like lovers, feeding off of each other, forever into eternity.

Beautiful…in a horrific kinda way.

But that isn’t what scares—



The only truly eternal thing is Life vs. Death, nothing more.
I’ve lived long enough to be confident that once I die, my game is over.

But I’ll never know when I go, nor will I know if I’ll ever know when I go.

Preparation is key.
Have I done enough?
Will I be missed?
Will I disappear forever?
Or be left in the ground to rot…?

(Actually, forget that. I realise now…being buried alive is my true fear. It’s eternal death, but in slow-motion.
Oh, god…)

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