What Man Hath Wrought

Humans have terrible issues with identity.
From the moment of your birth and to the point of death, you desperately pursue some lasting sense of identification via religion, careers, hobbies, or anything else you fancy.
Either you seek it by conforming to others, or by misguided attempts at emphasizing your individuality. Regardless of how or why, humanity chases it unceasingly.
Him and I are no different.
We seek, but unfortunately, ours can’t be found in any easy category.
The both of us are utterly unlike anything that has come before. This is why.
I am the first human being to be synthesized from the genes up. I was crafted from chemicals and proteins. I have no parents and no lineage.
He is the world’s first true artificial intelligence, a digital mind housed in a nanitic body that is identical in appearance to an organic one.
We are like the magnetic poles, our fates bound by the nature of our inescapable origins: genesis at the hands of men.
My name is Sirius. His is Mercury.
This is our story.

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