I slow the car. She looks wonderful. Mmm-hmm.1 Lithe and slender.2 Beautiful long neck, short hair, no necklace.3 Legs that go on forever, accented by a short red dress and stiletto heels.4

I slowly drive around the block.5 I stop the car and roll down the window. We banter for a moment, negotiating her price.6

1 Young and trying too hard. Probably inexperienced.

2 Looks underfed. On the streets to make a few bucks. Is she on her own? Hope she’s a good lay.

3 Should be able to use my hands. Nothing to get in the way. Have to be careful not to break the neck. Gotta be strangulation. Gotta struggle. The struggle makes everything worthwhile.

4 Shoes don’t quite fit properly. Dress looks slightly oversized too. Someone’s showing her the ropes. Wonder how closely she’s being watched/guarded.

5 Looked down driveways, alleys and streets. Didn’t see anyone watching her.

6 Make it look good: she won’t collect anyway. Come to daddy, bitch.

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