Solar Powered Clubs

The ages of men have come full circle. Once selfish and caring only for food and shelter, we grew. We soon matured and learned from experience. After learning to fight together, we learned to live together.

But we are a restless breed. We tried to settle down before our millions of gods, beliefs, rituals and each ones prospective futures. But our restlessness got the better of us and we soon grew tired of waiting for our eternal rewards.

Welcome to the new age of Hyper Individualism. Contrary to all other teachings since the dawn of us and our stone tools, we’ve reverted back to caring only about our individual selves. No more long term emotional investments, no more forward thinking or planning.

No. The real danger is we are now armed with more than a stone tied to the end of a stick. Billions of us haunt the earth with solar powered weapons, 3d printers, and viciously trained gray-market Mezzo Dogs.

If you wake up today, you fight for what you need and you kill for what you want. You take, never give.

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