Heisinger Geometry

“…and that causes position and momentum to decouple which increases Planck’s constant locally.”
“But what does that do to the Uncertainty Principle?” asked Jo-Beth, gazing at Dr. Rimini with awe and terror mingled.
“Increases it, locally of course,” he said, his soft, deep tones far more reassuring than his words. “What we think of as quantum effects become visible on meso-scales. Look out of the window at the fog. That’s a sea of quantum interaction on a visible scale. If you walked into that, you would probably walk out again, but some parts of you would likely have changed. You might have lizard skin, webbed toes, or a third eye.”
“But how does something acting locally—”
“When the carrier wave demodulates, local properties become global ones. The maths is clear, the carrier wave is essentially a partition of unity, and when it collapses, everything has an effect on everything else.”
“What can we do about this, Dr. Rimini? This is awful!” Jo-Beth looked to be near to tears.
“Weaponize it.”

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