Lust revenge-re-write, obsession!

These weekends on the job became an every day affair. His wife was now three states over. He, a romantic, just hoped deep down inside she would come back with the kids and just love him. For whatever reason, after having four kids the oldest was three years younger than his new found love, Cadee.

It had been so long. Was it love? Life became just work and home. His family came to visit him through the summer. Now summer was over they all went back home, including his wife, who made him sleep on the couch when they visited.

They hadn’t had sex since their last child who was going on five! How did it ever get to this? Why am I hanging on? Asking himself things like this seemed to make it easier to move on. He was sure his wife did, she just acted like she didn’t.

He began to pine for Cadee, as the crew dwindled down through the day. He counted down the hours, minutes, seconds. Such a strong desire. The weekend was nearing, just he and Cadee. Nothing else mattered.

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