Use Those Wings.

She shivered from winter’s bite.
“Oh, you’re cold!” He grabbed the blanket from beside him. He wrapped it around her, “There we are. Better?”
She nodded and looked at him, “Here, get under here with me.” She gave him the blanket and they lay letting the blanket encase their body heat.
They glanced at each other in the same moment.
He sighed, “What are we exactly?” It was out there now. From months of holding hands and shy kisses, could they call themselves a couple?
She removed herself from his embrace, “Why do you have to ruin the moment?”
“Why do you have to move away from me when I mention it? If you don’t want to be together, just say it.”
“It’s not that,” Tears pooled, “I’ve never done this, and if you hurt me, I’m done for.”
His face lit up, “So, you do want to be together.”
“I do, but I can’t yet. I just need you to be patient with me.” She wiped the tear away. “Ah, what are you doing to me? I feel like I’m falling for you.”
He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, “So fall, I’m here to catch you.”

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