Burning Bridges

Of course there was never the intention of harming anyone.

Sometimes things escalate and the result is a whirlwind of destruction. Anything in its treacherous path will undoubtedly be marauded by the forces that started it. The eyes of the innocents will always be mourned as the perpetrator of the act is condemned. Nobody ever sees these things coming. They are always like a storm that materializes on a clear day. Bloodshed is an effect, the cause is a multitude of things. It is a million incongruent problems and it is one, all at the same time. The one problem is not easily remedied for it is like a cog in a vast machine: pulling it out and replacing it will only bring disorder to the rest of the machinery.

So how does one change that which is so deeply embedded in the system? Patient subversion. A small wedge driven between two critical elements may take time, but will ultimately result in a permanent usurp of power.

If that failed, Claud would have to resort to the one method that always worked.

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