A New Leash On Life

“I saw you go on Ficly again, any new readers?” He asked with measured nonchalance.

“Nope.” She wondered if her aggravation came through in her response. Well, it was time she said something about it anyway. “Hey, why do you always have the Remote Viewer on my computer while you’re at work? It’s a little weird, you watching me on the computer all the time.”

“I’m not only watching you. I like to have it on to have access to files, run virus scans and do some defragging, stuff like that.” Was he feigning indifference or was she overreacting?

“Hmm.” She made it a point to provide more attention to stirring her coffee than was ever required. “Oh, jeeze. I have to go or I’ll be late!”

“Oh, before you go,” as if it were a mere afterthought of his, “I need you to sign something real quick. It’s nothing really.”

He handed her the page. She read the bold lettering at the top. Then she read it again.


“What the f-?”

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