Midnight Ritual

I hear the voices from my invisible prison. Calling me. Inviting me. Tormenting me.

Though it has happened so many times before, I can’t help myself but feel a small sense of growing hope that this time, this time is the time. They found him, someone found him, everything is going to be ok. My white dress clinging to my slim frame, I take off and run towards the voices. I cry inside and outside; I can’t help it. I keep running as fast as I can until I smack head first into the transparent and immovable wall, and my forehead is cut by the impact. Blood streams down my face and distorts my vision. I pound my fist against the barrier that keeps me from my child and scream in anguish and futility. How many times I’ve done this before, I can’t remember.

“No stupid, you did it wrong. Spin 3 times and then say the words.” Tommy says angrily.
“Nuh-uh, you say while you spin not afterwords, hows she supposed to hear you that way?” Brian replies defensivley.
“No look at the mirror shes not even…


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