Intentions and Consequences

India once had the second highest population and the highest population density of any country. Our largest natural resource was pure human potential. If only the world knew how many of the United State’s PhD’s used to be awarded to a proud Indian citizen. We had been the bleeding edge of science, medicine and diplomacy for decades. And yet were largely considered a third world nation. Sometimes I think the only images an a American wants to see of another country is of it’s slums.

I became a Scientist in the hopes of making the discovery that would show the world India can shake the scientific world to it’s core. Biology would be my banner and Virology was my battle cry! With these tools, I would save thousands and make my nation’s name shine again.

It was the immense potential the Original Sin Project had that prompted me to apply. Creating a family tree of viruses past and present was supposed to lead us to one cure for all afflictions. Instead India’s name to was blacked out to all future generations.

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