Listen to Your Feet

There is no sound other than the far away drone of late night traffic and the rhythm of my own body. My footfalls set an easy but fast pace for my breath to follow. With each padded step, I grow farther and farther away from this world. I run barefoot around my subdivision, the rows of houses all dark and asleep for the night. It seems to me that the rest of the world is all asleep and I am the only one active. I like that feeling.

I can’t tell you what I think about when I run, I honestly could not remember if you paid me to. All I can tell you is that afterwords, no matter how much I did not feel like running before I began, I feel happier than I do at any other time in my life. I feel free. The primal joy from running barefoot is something that can not be explained, only experienced. My mind disengages, and the only thing I am concious of is the feeling of my feet on the search for inner peace. All I have to do is listen to what my feet are telling me and everything seems alright. I like that feeling too.

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