The chains started cutting deeper into her skin. She had two options, let the ties cut deeper till they consume her completely or shake free and live to her hearts content.
She realized that she owed them a lot, those blood ties, they gave her life and protection till she had grown to protect herself. But did she owe them her freedom? Did she owe them her choices and decisions.

“You must cut those chains, they are bloody. They are parasites, sucking your independence and opportunities. You do not want this. Take charge of your life and sever these ties!”

“You cannot break free. They are your blood ties. They made you who you are today. You are the only dependence they have. It is your moral responsibility. The blood running in your veins is theirs!”

She heard both of them, but she had to decide. She wanted to break free, she wanted to breathe free. She had always wanted to make her own decisions, right or wrong.

But the chains were much deeper than they appeared, much more entangled than they felt!

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