If You Have To Shoot Your Own Grandmother..

The video ended with a push of the remote. The stern police chief looked quite sinister with his grim expression as he stepped in front of the screen.

“Gentlemen, this video was recovered from the 600 block of Maplewood, inside the now decimated Maple Ridge subdivision. We assume the videographer to be either dead or one of them.”

Moving to the podium where he felt most powerful and delivered his most important speeches, he took a swig from a bottled water for dramatic pause. Placing his hands on the sides and leaning way forward he continued in a quiet voice, “The quarantined area grows every hour. The early stages of contamination are not outwardly apparent. Keep your haz-mat suits on. These are our neighbors, brothers, sisters, and yes, even children. No matter what you hear, once I tell you to open fire, you open fire. If you have to shoot your own grandmother, do it!”

He was shouting by the end in what he hoped was an inspiring way, but his audience sat heavily with silence and worry.

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