Now Be Polite

She was incredibly thin, almost unhealthy looking. Her chest was flatter than any girl’s I had ever seen, poor thing. There was something else strange about her, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Her face was completely caked in makeup, but it had been applied flawlessly. Wish I could get my makeup looking that decent, I thought to myself. The sway in her walk gave her a confidence, like she owned the place. Yet, she looked quickly from side to side as if she were lost. As she came closer, I realized she was headed right for my table.

She stopped right in front of my table, flashed a bright white smile, and held out a surprisingly large hand. “You must be Kendra,” came a low voice. “I’m Jamie.”

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“H-hi,” I stuttered as I reached over to shake his hand.

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