The Morning Nightmare

I walked across the dingy carpet of the lobby and down the ill-lighted hall. My coworkers passed by, each flashing a quick smile or giving a subtle wave. The pressure of deadlines left little time for conversation.

Passing the break room, the smell of coffee wafted my way and lured me in. I hadn’t slept in three days. Caffeine had become my life source.

Coffee in hand, I made my way to the end of the hall and took a left into my office. The desk sat dead center of the cramped space. The paperwork I had left strewn across it from the night before lay untouched. However, the chair at which I had sat every day for the past fifteen years, was gone.

My heart dropped and a sharp pain immediately shot through my head. My shaking hands nearly dropped the cup I held. I was now sure of only two things. They were following me. And, they were seriously trying to screw with my mind.

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