Shameless Prequel

“Mommy! Mommy! Look! Look!” The girl said, waving her green and blue fingers in the air. She looked at her mother, who was silently watching the sunset. “Mommy?” Her mother gave a tiny grin and sighed, “What a beautiful painting, Clara. Very nice.” Her daughter beamed at the compliment, and pointed at the smudged painting of a family. “See, this is you,” she said, pointing at a smiling woman with bright blue eyes and brown hair, “this is me,” Clara continued, pointing to the small green-eyed girl in the painting, “and this is daddy.” Her mother sucked in a breath. She must not of noticed the man in the painting before. She narrowed her eyes at her daughter, “Clara. Don’t you ever mention that man again. Do you understand?” Clara was confused and hurt, but she obeyed her mother and didn’t say a word. Clara was to young then to notice, but her mother was slowly slipping away. Not talking, not eating. Until one day…she stopped everything.

This was the last day Clara would have before her mother betrays her.

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