Oh well...

Woah my face is cold! If I could start this again I would definitely wear a balaclava or something. Actually thinking about it, I would probably wear a comical mask of some description, a gorilla mask maybe. NO! Elvis! Yeah, that would be pretty funny. Damn! Why do I always think of these great ideas when it’s too late!? Oh well…

Never been too much of a fan of Elvis though, or The Beatles. Well, I say “never been too much of a fan” I guess I’ve never sat down and given them the time of day. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re talented and all that but… Oh, shit. I really hope that crowd of people move before I reach them. Meh, I’m sure they will.

Oh look, I just passed Mr. Bittle! Man, his face was priceless. Never did like him. Dog was always pissing up my… What am I doing? Thinking about Bittle and his dog in my last thoughts. Mad!

I can’t believe I’ve only fallen three floors out of twenty. When will my life “Flash before my eyes”? This is taking forever!

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