You'll Feel Just Like New

Frank finally reached the assistance center. As he walked in, he casually took note of what some of the other users were doing. One was authoring a legal argument, one was having her hair redone, and one was working with lasers and a diffraction rig. Frank walked down the hall until he found an unoccupied station with two benches. As he entered, the lights activated and the local resonance aerial transmitted the center’s soft feminine voice through his eardrum.

“Good afternoon, Frank. You’re here for the electroencephaloprint transfer?”

“Yes. Normal form, please.”

“Very good, Frank. Warmup should take 115 minutes – would you enjoy Casablanca?”

“Oh, thank you – I’d love that.” And as Frank laid down on one of the benches, the resonance aerial shifted slightly, and Frank’s optic nerves began receiving the movie. A plastic bubble slid up over the other bench, and a gelatinous pink liquid flowed in from the side. A small display on top of the bubble read, “Do Not Disturb – ReBirth in Progress.”

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