Perfectly Broken

She found herself sitting on a repulsive tan couch, staring at the ceiling which seemed to be the only thing of imporatnce. She could hear distant voices and the dull thud of the music, but that didn’t matter. The paint on the ceiling was changing colours faster than she could make them out! It was too much to comprehend. There was just too much going on around her to concentrate. Then, like a revelation, it hit her. She wanted a smoke. She forced her head upright and glanced around the small, filthy room. Anna was on the mismatched couch next to her, bobbing her head to the bass and singing way off key. The tiny black and white T.V was perched on top of an old wicker basket that had been flipped upside down into a make shift T.V stand, she couldn’t make out the picture. Their pizza boxes from the night before where strewn on the floor where leftovers were attracting the household fruit flies. She noticed a package of cigarettes lying on the discoloured shag carpet. This instantly triggered her addiction.

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