What a weird world!

I sit here in the dark most of the time. That’s OK, I’m quite happy really .
But every now & then I get to go outside & bounce. O I do LOVE to bounce!
Sometimes we go on a journey, me, my mates & the leggy balls… ooh it’s so exciting!
Will they choose me?…. Oh the anticipation!…….. Yes it’s me!!
So there I am, sitting on the grass with the leggy balls all around & so many more sitting & shouting.
Then one of them, not in the same colours as all the rest makes a whistle. Then I get kicked and fly through the air like a bird YAHOOOOOOOOO! This is sooo good!
Funny thing is, if I bounce & hit the stringy thing, some of the leggy balls go crazy & shout even louder, but the rest look sad. And if I hit the other stringy thing the others go crazy…Weird!
Then I go back to my cupboard & dream of the great bounce I had today.

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