Sandbox Drafts (4)

1. Dark and recalcitrant, the universe held many secrets, like a child hiding a precious toy. With considerable study, observation, and effort one could coax bits of information out of her. Yes, I gave the universe a sex. She is the Mother of all, she is all, she will be all. It is entirely appropriate to call the Great Uncaring Mother a she, but I digress.

2. Tim bounded around the corner, not watching where he was going. Fear hounded him, forcing him ever faster and he dared not look behind him, lest it slow him down. The streets were wet from the rain that even still misted down; a shimmering vinyl curtain.
like a ghostly tears

3. In my dreams I saw a man with no face that wasn’t there. He was ghost made up of slightly more than air.

4. Supporting someone means standing with them, even when you don’t believe in the decision they are making because your bond is greatewr than any individual decision.

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