Of Summer and My Lady

The birds in the chimney
Will sing summer through
While the dog chews her rawhide
She wants marrow true
Cats sleep on the sofa
Uncomfortable alone
They live their lives and set the tone
Of my dreams of you

I grew up with music
But no voice to sing
My view of the sky of love
A far distant thing
As days grow much longer
My thoughts turn to flight
I must escape before the night
To buy you a ring

I work hard the day through
To earn all my bread
But I would be more satisfied
To have meat instead
Until you captured my desire
The day you came along
I knew at once and sang a song
That you I would wed

I wake in the morning
With you by my side
The sunlight comes streaming in
Through shutters open wide
I smile for my memories
Of the night before
My dreams not dreams anymore
In love we abide

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