Whew! I'm Not Crazy!

When I was completely surrounded by loving family members who would have supported me even if I decided to build a rocket to the moon in grandma’s backyard in one weekend, I often found myself thinking about death.

Would they cry at my funeral? I wanted to be movie Tom Sawyer and climb up in the church rafters to watch the mourners. How many people would come?

My underdeveloped prefrontal cortex never pondered over what I should do to make a lasting legacy in this world, how I should ‘pay it forward’. My hormone raged mind only wanted to know who might secretly love me.

After reading this today “Conscious reminders of death can encourage people to stay healthy and pursue their goals,” I realized that I was only encouraging myself to keep going.

Besides, when I tried to hide under the stairs and get all emo, one of my cousins always found me and asked me to play with them. I was forced to forget my funeral thoughts and join in making memories for a great eulogy!

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