The what?

Wake up confused.
Stand in the mirror clothed.
Stand in the mirror naked.
Lean forward,
step backwards.

Place both hands on my new chest.
Jump up and down.
Turn around and try to look at my new ass.
Smile, I’ve seen it before.
Touch the ass.
Turn around again.
Back to the chest. Grin.

Reach down slowly, over the stomach
further down.
Wrap fingers around, place my fingers inside.

Do something wrong and flinch.
Promise never to complain again.
Use my hands again, this time doing it better.
Moan softly, louder, louder.
Sit on the floor, feel the carpet against my new ass.

It is only now that I try and figure out what I am going to do.
Will I always be this way? Can I truly learn to love…myself?

Lesson learned by us both : Men and Women are not too different

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