Miles Away

“What’s the point, Dad?” the middle son asked. He was not mad, he just wanted to understand.

Stephen adjusted the rear view mirror and caught the eyes of his children. “So we can enjoy the summer together. C’mon, guys. It’ll be fun.”

The eldest son slumped in his seat, attempting to hide between the earbuds tethering him to his iPod. “I’d rather chill with my friends,” he muttered aloud.

Stephen pretended not to hear the icy remark. “Your mother and I don’t get to see you kids much when school’s in so this is our time to reconnect.”

“But, Mom! I want to go to camp with Jenny,” the daughter pouted. Being the youngest of the three, she always felt overlooked.

Melody smiled. “It’s just this one week,” she pleaded. “You’ll have the rest of the summer to play with your friends.”

Stephen glanced at his wife of nearly twenty years, smirked, and leaned in to steal a kiss.

“Stephen!” she shrieked.

He turned around in time to see the left side of a tractor-trailer unit sliding towards them.

“Melody, I lo—”

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