The War of Frozen Flight, Part III

Both armies paused, forestalled in silent awe
One side beholden to their wintry god
The other brazen stood without a nod
Their disbelieving eyes begun to thaw
The youth replied, "Make your conditions first,
“For no fool strikes a bargain thus and lives
Without the sacrifice of what he gives
What manner shall I gain and yet be cursed?”
“Behold your spear and cloak,” the mountain breathed
“If you should fail to pass my coming test
Then neither shall again be laid to rest
And ever with them both you shall be wreathed.”
“What trust have I in you, god of my foes?”
“How dare you question!” came the roared reply
An avalanching voice from thund’ring sky
Descending into earth in trembling throes
Both stone and snow surged forth with fearful might
Sent warriors stumbling back from such a blow
A monumental hand seized from below
And flung the youth into the air, in flight.

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