Airships: On To The Next Crisis

Elletra hopped off the table and popped her joints, stretching, “Well, then I suppose I should go find out where I’m heading.”

Hawkeye didn’t want her to go but said nothing as she sauntered over to the door. He couldn’t help to let his eyes roam a bit. He smiled. She definitely wasn’t the same girl he met two years ago. Then again, he was a totally different person as well.

She froze in the doorway & turned back to him, “Everything we said… Stays between us?”

Hawkeye nodded, “Of course.”

Elletra’s face cracked into a bright grin, “Great. Thanks. Um, goodbye, Hawkeye.”

Elletra closed the door and let out a breath. She felt like she had walked in there holding her breath and now she could let it out. She smiled as she walked down corridors and up stairs to the bridge. She could not stop smiling.

Perhaps things would be smooth sailing from now on. She knocked on the hatch of the bridge. After several long minutes, she knocked again. Gladstone opened the door with a deep frown.

Then again, perhaps not.

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