The Box

There was shattered glass everywhere and as I walked into the room Devon said “Whoa, whoa, watch your step”… “What the hell, what happened here, besides the obvious?” “Well I was curious” he said, “it looked interesting”. “Interesting, are you out of your mind, do you realize what you have done?” “What?” he said as he looked at me sheepishly…”it’s just a glass box”. “Just a glass box, just a glass box!!” my voiced bellowed… “that is NO ordinary box young man…that is Pandora’s box do you know what Pandora’s box is, and why it was kept here safe all this time?” “Not really” he whispered. “I know it’s sorta bad”…”Sorta bad” I trumped "that box contained all the worlds evil” “Really?” he retorted…”why would you put the worlds evil in a glass box”? “It was so no-one would realize what it was if it was in some fancy box then people would become curious” I answered. “By the way are you feeling ok, you look a little off”…PERFECT!!! as he lifted his head showing red glowing eyes…

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