Western Swing...

The dusty cowpoke set his hat on the bar and ordered up a drink, was about to pound it back when he heard the salon doors open. Not turning to even see who it was he growled “Sheriff, I have every right to drink in this bar.” “At that you do but it’s your choice of drink that’s the issue, you know you’re not allowed that stuff in this town.” The sheriff continued “Bar keep you ought to be arrested for serving it.”

With a terrified look the bartender stammered, “b but sheriff d don’t you know who this is, he’d kill me if I didn’t give him what he wanted?” Just relax there pardner” said the stranger. “I wouldn’t hurt ya, who would serve my afternoon drinks?”

The sheriff approached the stranger about to put his hand on his shoulder when the stranger spun around with his weapon drawn…”touch me law man and YOU will die”.

“Then I suggest you best be getting outta here” said the sheriff. “If I catch you ordering any more MILK in this town again, I’ll shoot you myself". The stranger backed out, banana drawn.

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