A letter to Beauty

Dear Beauty,

If I could describe your personality,
I would say you’re like a sphere
in the sense that you’re more
than just a two-faced bitch
(you have more faces than that)
You have a thousand different faces
to deceive, seduce, threaten
and I’ve seen half of them

If I could describe your looks, your smile,
it would be one that fills men
with a uncontrollable feeling of sheer fear
this undeniable evil, this undeniable power
(that seeps through the gaps between your teeth)
It has them enthralled, foolish
dancing and writing for you
I tremble in its presence

If I could describe how you behave,
it would be akin to that of a posh lady
Sitting alone in the corner sipping tea
the only one alive after a nuclear fallout
(Hysterical, screaming, radioactive civility)
Tea spilled all over her dainty white blouse
Losing all sense of control, her clay face
breaking away to reveal the mud

that was what made me
enthralled by how perfectly
complex you are

A Fool

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