Bill...- Don’t Mess With The Man With A Gun

The sound of bullets ripping through the ceiling shocked the entire bank. Bills voice boomed coinciding with the bullets…”Get down, give me what I want and no-one gets hurt!”

Bill pushed the empty sack into the tellers face and demanded the Leslie deposit, while scanning the room for threats to his invasion of the bank.

The teller nervously stuffed the money into the sack glancing up at Bill with every entry trying to get some look at the robber.

Bill whipped to her and said, “Kelly if I were you I’d stuff the bag and not worry about me, it wont do you much good if I kill you right here!”

While continuing to fill the bag Kelly looked where her name badge usually sat and it was not there then she thought, “how does he know my name, I don’t have my badge on, this is an inside job!”

Kelly filled the bag and Bill quickly stepped to the next teller “same thing here” he demanded giving him a different sack…”and no funny business”.

Trevor was new and terrified he simply filled the sack without looking up…

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