Open Your Eyes

“Shawn… you have to listen to me,” Doe mused lowly, staring with an intense gaze at the shaken man before him. Shawn looked up, but appeared dazed, his lips parted ever so slightly, eyes wide and confused. Doe bit into the flesh of his lower lip, frowning. “You can’t… stay. You have to go to your own time. You belong there.”

“No…” the human whispered, shaking his head. “I can’t just go. After everything? It’s not about belonging, because I belong here.” Shawn huffed a sigh, looking back to the Time Lord. “So tell me why you want me gone.”

Doe heaved slightly, holding back a sob. Shawn blinked widely, confused by Doe’s sudden sadness. The Time Lord drew a shaky breath. “We both know what happens, Shawn. It’s like getting a pet. At first, the two of you are the best of friends. All the fun times and laughs and crazy antics…” Doe shook his held, biting back tears that threatened to spill over the edges of his lids. “But humans outlive dogs. And Time Lords outlive humans. I can’t watch you die.”

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