The Warning

Laura stood in front of the cracked lens of her Matrix. Catching a glimpse of her reflection, she smoothed some of the wildness out of her hair and tugged creases in her bloodsplattered jumpsuit smooth. There was nothing that she could do for the bruises, split lip, or black eye. She grimaced as she forced herself to stand up straight.

“Record. This is Captain Laura Jean Dooley of the private Earth vessel, Synchronicity. Do not attempt a rescue or salvage. Every single thing in this god-forsaken place has the abilty to contaminate a human body- even through an E-suit. Please believe me, this place is a death sentence. Nothing can be allowed to reach Earth. I’m running out of power so I’ll make this quicker than I’d like.”

The battered captain heaved a sigh and rubbed tears out of her eyes, “Please tell my wife Heather Dooley-St. Jermaine that I love her and miss her so, so much. Tell her she was right. And give my love to our daughter Myra. I love her more than anything. Tell her to always seek, to strive-”

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