Witches Are Not Included In Census Data

Boredom was the order of the day. Boredom and… paperwork. Who knew life on a military base would be so dull? Even for a civilian contractor.

“Sam! You’re daydreaming again. I asked you if you’ve ever seen her?” said Private Matthew Weir.

“Sorry, who?”

“The old woman. She lives out on what’s technically still army land. No one’s ever asked her to move, though. Guess she’s not bothering anyone; out in her little shack.”

“Weird. Have you?”

“Yeah, I saw her once. We were out on drill in the forest. She was picking mushrooms or something. She smiled at me but it creeped me out. Some of the guys joke that she’s a witch.”

“Haha, that’s it? She smiled at you and she’s a witch?”

“Yeah yeah, shut up. My GPS screwed up near there too, and I’ve heard people saying that nothing electronic works right.”

“Riiight. A creepy old woman and a glitchy GPS and you go all superstitious on me. Witches aren’t real.”

“I know that, Sam. It’s just a silly story.” said Matthew. He muttered to himself: “…just a silly story.”

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